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Shannon Y.

So let me start off by saying that before today, I have never had anything waxed besides my eyebrows. So when I decided to do a Brazilian and get my legs waxed, you can imagine how nervous I was. I heard all the awkward positions, I was told I would be “violated”, I was told it would hurt so bad…worst pain ever!

Now let me say that I found this place online and saw all the amazing reviews, so I decided to give it a try. I booked my appointment with Kristine. She was the sweetest person ever! She was so calm and casual. She held a conversation with me which really helped to make things feel more comfortable. I left feeling like I really knew her as a person, which was totally cool! As far as the waxing itself, it wasn’t that painful. She used multiple types of waxes for different areas, which really helped! She used a harder wax on the more sensitive areas. For my legs, she used a roller to put the wax on, which made things go much quicker and easier. Kristine is meticulous! She told me how OCD she was with getting every hair, and while that may be true, I loved it! I went in with my hair a little shorter than necessary, so she had to do some plucking, but she wanted to make sure to get every single hair to ensure I left a happy person! She was the absolute best person I could have asked for! Best experience ever! I will go back to her again and again! I absolutely loved her as a professional and as a person!!!