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At San Diego Waxing Spa our specialty is the Brazilian wax. We have a different way of doing our waxing hair removal services. We use a combo of 100% natural beeswax, eucalyptus oil infused soft wax, and our very own natural sugar wax to perform Brazilian waxing and bikini waxing. Throughout the years we have received feedback from our clientele and we found out which areas of the body are best suited for hard wax, soft wax, and sugar wax. Now we have determined which wax is less painful for certain areas in the intimate area. Our hair removal technique is unique to other San Diego Brazilian wax salons. With our unique technique and wax, we have helped reduce the pain felt during your hair removal service. The sugar is what we are known for. It is very well suited for everyone especially those with sensitive skin.


This is one of our most asked questions, especially for new clients. Many people do confuse a Brazilian and a bikini. The service removes all hair from the pubic bone area, labia, and anus region. The service has other names like the playboy, full bush, “landing strip” and many more. When you come to our spa, simply let your esthetician know what you would like in greater detail. When you come to us, we schedule in 30-minute brackets. This allows plenty of time for you to check in, talk to the esthetician, get waxed, and check out. You should expect anywhere from 2-3 weeks of no hair growth after the service. Every person is different and your hair grows at a different rate than other people. We recommend coming in 2-3 weeks after shaving for your first wax. After that, we recommend coming every 5-6 weeks after your initial hair removal session. We also provide male intimate hair removal a.k.a manzilian waxing for our fellow men.

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Getting Ready Your First Brazilian in San Diego, Ca

Preparing For Yourself

If you really want to see a smooth, clean pubic region, then there is no better option than the full intimate hair removal. Brazilian waxes were introduced in the late ’80s and it’s become the “go to” solution for women everywhere who want to get rid of unwanted hair on the front, back, and areas in between. In Brazil, its the norm to get your all your bikini area waxed. If you have recently scheduled your first hair removal services, then you might be a little nervous. Here are some things you can do to ensure you are prepared for what is to come.

Prepare Mentally For Your Brazilian Hair Removal

One of the most important things you can do before your first hair removal session is prepared yourself mentally. This particular service involves removing all hair in the pubic region, anal region, and buttocks. We understand it can feel a little uncomfortable. We are professionals so we make sure we provide some coverage to make you feel comfortable.


Many people choose to shower just before they go in for their appointment. It’s not mandatory, but it makes some people feel more comfortable. Can you wax during your period? Yes, and we recommend being clean when you come to see us. We do advise not to come in during heavy days. We do provide baby wipes for anyone who needs them also. When in doubt give us a call. The golden rule is always cleanliness.

Prepare Your Skin and Hair For Waxing

In order to reduce pain, there are two important things that need to be done. First, you must exfoliate the skin when coming in. This will help reduce the chance of pain and also ingrown hairs. Secondly, having long hair will be more painful. We DO NOT trim hair and we simply wax regardless or hair length. The only time we will not wax is if the hair is too short. We recommend having at a minimum of 3 weeks of hair growth when coming inf or your next services. If your hair is too short, you will not get the results you want and will also be more painful. We recommend you come in every 4-6 weeks for optimum results.

Help Reduce Pain

Most people are worried about the pain that comes from waxing. There’s no denying that your first wax session will hurt more than any other. Your following sessions will hurt less and less with time. It’s always a good idea to take some form of pain medication 1 hour before your appointment.

Brazilian Waxing Aftercare

How you care for yourself afterward is just as important as what you do beforehand. We recommend avoiding sexual intercourse, sun, exposure, sauna, hot tubs, swimming pools, beaches, lakes, rivers and to do with water. for 48 hours. This might be difficult with your new, smooth body, but friction, sweat, and bacteria can lead to irritation, discomfort, and infection and we suggest to follow our recommendations. If you are planning on going on vacation, we recommend NOT to get waxed the day before leaving just to make sure you have not reaction. This is mainly for a first time client.

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