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All men should care about their appearance as much as women do. Here are a few services we offer that will have you looking and feeling great:

Full Body Waxing

You do not have to be a male model to want hair-free and have smooth skin. Waxing is more popular with men than ever. It is a great way to look handsome, and it is an excellent way to keep your skin at its best. Waxing is suitable for all backgrounds and styles. It is a completely respected and highly accepted form of men’s grooming.

Our staff has lots of experience removing guys unwanted hair. They can clean up any spot of hair that shows from under a collar or on your chest. It does not matter, our staff is here to help you. We always take professional care to ensure that your sensitive areas are handled with discretion. We also make sure our clients are treated so that they experience the least amount of discomfort possible We offer male Brazilian waxing A.K.A Manzilian wax and full body waxing services. If you are looking for something more conservative we also offer bikini waxing using our very own sugar wax that helps reduce pain.

Our location is the perfect stop to get hair removal service from anywhere in the county. Book your appointment now and get ready for a pampering experience!

Chest and Stomach Hair Waxing For Men

Let’s face it. There are all types of guys they all have different amounts of hair on the chest area. Some guys love to show off their fuzz while others like to keep things smooth and bare. Athletes often need chest waxing to have a more competitive edge. Whatever the reason is, you need to have your chest hair maintained properly and we are here to do just that for you.

We offer proven waxing techniques and have the ability to remove chest or stomach hair with the least bit of discomfort. Schedule your appointment for hair removal by calling location. Another option is to book your appointment that way. If you need hair removal we are easy to get to from any areas in the county?

Back Hair

Back hair can be a problem for some guys. If you find that it is keeping you from taking off your shirt, or you just find the sight of it unpleasant, get yourself an appointment at San Diego Waxing Spa. We can remove all the back hair you want with the least bit of pain. If it is your brows you want to sculpt, do not hesitate to ask us for help. Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean you do not deserve great looking brows.

We understand that you may have an existing idea of how painful hair removal can be. Rest assured that we use a specially made low-temperature wax together with special techniques that minimize pain. We promise you will leave without a scary story to tell.

Other manscape services we offer at our location are:

Nose Hair Removal
Ear Hair Removal
Waxing neck hair
Arms and shoulders
Legs and buttocks
Toes and fingers
Other areas of the body

Beard Hair Removal

Some men are simply tired of shaving or simply want to have their beard lined up. Even though we do not offer beard waxing, you can get electrolysis hair removal. Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal solutions approved by the FDA. If you want to get rid of hair for good, call us to book a free consultation.


It does not matter where you want to get your hair removal service done. We are here to give you the smooth and professional wax service. You will experience top level techniques from San Diego Waxing Spa every single time. Book your appointment by phone or by using the online booking button