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At our bikini waxing spa is the 2nd most popular service only behind the Brazilian. Just like a Brazilian, the bikini wax also has many variations and each with a different name which at times does confuse many people and has names like French, Full, basic or California. We also provide services for males too.


This intimate procedure is a hair removal service that removes pubic hair which allows women and men to feel sexy, clean, and confident. There are three styles that include: basic, French, and full. There are other names like deep, sphinx, playboy, and many much more! If you are confused with all the names simply come to our spa and let us know exactly what you need. Many people confuse the Brazilian with a bikini and there are some significant differences. The main difference is the Brazilian removes hair from your bum and also from the labia area whereas this service does not.


It really depends on the person, but usually 3-5 weeks. The actual service takes 30 minutes from the time you come into the time you leave our salon.


Bikini line hair removal is slowly becoming more and more popular in California and our spa is at the forefront of this trend. We provide only high-quality wax and it is 100% natural and made in the U.S.A. We also have our very own made-by-us sugar wax. The sugar is perfect for those that have sensitive skin. We use the sugar 1-2 days after making it so it is always fresh. Have you heard of painless hair removal? That is simply a myth. You will feel some pain and discomfort with hair removal, but there are ways that can significantly reduce the pain. One way is by proper technique. Since we specialize in hair removal, we are well trained in doing these types of services. Do you go to a hair salon to get waxed? No, you go to a hair removal expert to get rid of hair. Another way to significantly reduce pain and help reach that painless hair removal everyone is after is by using certain types of wax. For our private area services we use a combination of waxes like our 100% organic beeswax, eucalyptus oil infused soft wax and our very own sugar paste. After many years of experience and feedback from our clients, we have identified which areas are more sensitive and we know which types of wax are needed for those areas. Read our reviews to see what our clients have to say about our salon.