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Have you tried a salon that only used hard wax or soft wax? Did you know there is a better alternative to those types of wax? At San Diego Waxing Spa we offer our very own manufactured sugar wax. Our sugar wax is different from sugaring (cold ball sugar wax), but does the same job only better. Our sugar wax is essentially used like soft wax where the warm wax is applied to the skin and then a strip is placed on top and then pulled. Sugar waxing is loved by our clients because it sticks less the skin compared to hard and soft wax which in turn less pain is felt. We use our sugar waxing to perform our much loved Brazilian sugar wax or bikini sugar wax. A Brazilian wax can be frighten even for those who have done it before, but we can assure you the sugar wax will greatly decrease the pain. Whether you are getting a playboy, bikini wax, or any other forms of intimate hair removal rest assure you will be happy with the results. At this time we are also testing our sugar wax on men’s Brazilian wax to help reduce pain with that service for our guys!

Why Our Sugar Wax

The reason are very simply.


First, our wax is 100% natural with no harsh chemicals that can cause your skin harm.

Sensitive Skin Friendly

Second, the wax is perfect for those who have very sensitive skin. Even if you don’t have (90% of people do have sensitive skin) this problem, we are sure you will be happy. We do see many pregnant women who looking for a type of wax that can be safe for their baby and themselves as well.

Less Pain

Third, there is less pain during our hair removal service.


Fourth, the wax is always fresh. We make our wax every 2-4 days so you can be sure it has not been sitting in containers for months and months.

Easy To Clean

Fifth, the clean up is very easy. Have you ever left a spa feeling sticky? Some of the wax is very hard to get off. Our sugar wax is water soluble so we don’t need any oils, soaps or detergents to get rid of our wax. All we need to use is water!


Since bacteria can’t live in high concentrations of sugar, our wax simply eliminates any kind of bacterial growth. In order for bacterial to grow, it needs moisture. Sugar absorbs moisture which does not allow bacteria to flourish.

Less Hair Breaking = Less ingrown hair

A reason why some people get ingrown hair from waxing is because the hair is not removed from the root. As the broken hair grows it will curl into the skin causing ingrown hairs. Since the wax sticks more to the hair, there is a lesser chance

Lastly, take a minute to read our reviews and see what our clients have to say. We let our clients do the talking for us.

One of the main problems with waxing is hair breakage. When the hair is broken it is grows back much quicker and forces people to come back earlier than expected for their next waxing appointment. Regular hard wax and soft wax can dry up when applied which sometimes results in hair breakage. With our wax, it bonds to the hair shaft and flows down to the hair follicle. It also helps lubricate the hair which helps to remove hair deeper within and causing less pain.