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Hair Removal


Although many people have heard about the benefits of a body wax, they are typically afraid of how much pain it might cause. Even though body waxing may seem to be a very straightforward process, for most of us, the thought of that much pain makes us wonder if it is actually worth all of the hassle. Fortunately, we do not have to worry about this discomfort anymore.

By working with a professional esthetician, you can remove unwanted body hair without all of that pain. You can find our professionals in the San Diego area at our salon. Our estheticians have perfected the entire process, providing all our customers with efficient Brazilian waxing or leg waxing that can be done without much discomfort.

What Techniques Do We Use?

San Diego Waxing Spa focuses on the removal of body hair using sanitary procedures that will minimize the pain that can be felt. We provide high levels of satisfaction for each and every one of our clients, plus we will protect you during the entire process. Here are a few of the techniques that are used with clients at our location.

• Gentle Waxing Procedures
In order to minimize the pain that is felt, the procedure needs to be as effective as possible. We understand that all people have different skin types. As a result of this, we use strip wax if this is what the customer wants. Aside from that, the wax also contains ingredients related to aromatherapy which are also very gentle, regardless of the type of skin that you have.

This results and the removal of short and long hair from the body, going as short as an eighth of an inch. Moreover, wax is used at the lowest temperatures possible to minimize any discomfort. This means that the procedures can be reapplied on areas that have already been waxed without any discomfort or irritation, perfecting the process for those that have sensitive skin.

• Bikini Waxing
Whether a customer wants to have a Brazilian or basic bikini wax, we can also provide this type of service, and everything in between. If you are the type of person that appreciates having a smooth bikini line, but you do not want to endure the pain of waxing, our company can definitely help you. You can get a Brazilian wax to ensure that your bikini line looks great during the summer and avoid the usual discomfort.

First of all, we understand that this is a very private area, and we keep it this way. The waxing procedures that are used to remove unwanted hair can be done gently, and extremely fast, in these private areas. You don’t have to worry because Wax and Clean employees will make sure to minimize the amount of discomfort that you may feel.

If you would like to see some proof, we can refer you to any of our previous clients, especially repeat customers, that appreciate our gentle waxing procedures. We are located in San Diego, and if you are in the area, you can contact us for an appointment. Simply call us immediately at our phone number, (619) 319-9070 and make an appointment.

• Leg Waxing ( Full Or Half)

Since most people in the San Diego area where shorts practically every day, shaving your legs can be a very tedious process. If you are doing this daily, you will likely develop ingrown hairs and experience irritation on your skin, something that can be caused by stubble and also nicks caused by razors. If you have your legs waxed, they will be much smoother. To get the best results, waxing your legs will be the best decision to make.

• Arm Waxing (Underarm Or Full Arm)

Most females do not want to have underarm hair, especially if it is course or thick. If you would like to remove either underarm hair, or full arm hair, Wax And Clean can help you get this done.
Our Waxing Services

When you look at the different waxing services that are available, the typically include the following:

• The Popular Landing Strip Brazilian

• Full Brazilian Wax

• Bikini Waxing

• Waxing you Toes Or fingers

• Waxing On Your Buttocks/Tush

• Full Back Waxing

• Lower Back Waxing

• Upper Chest Waxing

• Waxing The Chest And Stomach

• Waxing The Lower Stomach

• Full Leg Waxing

• Upper Leg Waxing

• Waxing Your Shoulders

• Full Arm Waxing

• Half Arm Waxing

As the name suggests, it is possible to get a painless, smooth and clean waxing job. Aside from the other services that are provided above, we also do facial waxing and so much more.

If you need more info, you can call us about the many waxing procedures that we offer, or set an appointment right away. If you would like to learn about are many different locations, our San Diego Waxing Spa will be more than happy to provide you with the information that you need, and also directions to each facility, so that you can experience our quality waxing procedures.